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Welcome to The WPS Group! We are a team of experts in advancing gender​ equality and the women, peace and security agenda through research and analysis, curriculum development and training facilitation, as well as strategic advising. We strive to bring an intersectional feminist approach to everything we do and advocate for gender equity, diversity and inclusion. Our approach to working with clients is one of mutual respect and open communication to ensure growth and change are genuine and sustainable.

Kristine St-Pierre

Kristine St-Pierre is a gender equality and women, peace and security adviser, researcher and trainer. She has worked with international and Canadian organizations, government and academic institutions setting the groundwork for gender audits, developing and advising on gender analyses and gender mainstreaming within projects, programmes and policies, developing organization-wide gender equality and mainstreaming strategies, and developing and delivering training on gender equality and WPS. She has worked with police and peacekeeping organisations in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2016, she has been supporting a police development project in Ukraine, which saw the creation and launch of the Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement, facilitated the development of the Patrol Police Academy’s first gender mainstreaming strategy, and supported the police's response to COVID-19 through the development of an online domestic violence course. Ms. St-Pierre has written and presented on numerous aspects of gender, peace and security, including women’s participation in peacekeeping and WPS advocacy. She holds a BA from the University of Ottawa and a Master of Journalism and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from Carleton University. Ms. St-Pierre also sits on the steering committee of the Women, Peace and Security Network - Canada since 2014. 

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